The Benefits of Bespoke Analytics

When it comes to making business decisions, any company will tell you that having the right analytics and data is integral to the decision making process. Every business has their own unique strategy and from this stems unique data from your customer’s behaviour. So how can you make sure that you are making the right decisions to help your strategy move in your desired direction?


The answer for you may lie in bespoke analytics and custom enterprise tools. With reams and reams of data at your fingertips from a variety of different sources, collating and report on this information can be incomprehensibly arduous without the correct tools. This ideology can be applied across industries: a plumber wouldn’t bring a set of paints to fix a toilet, as an artist wouldn’t use a plunger to paint a portrait (at least one would hope!). No one wants to feel as if they are spending too much time reporting on the past, with no time to look to the future. This is where custom analytics comes into play to give you business intelligence and can save you an incredulous amount of time and resource.


Bespoke analytics are built around a company’s requirements. Instead of having standardised reporting, you’re able to get dive into the detail to understand just how your customers tick.


So what are the benefits of bespoke or custom analytics for a business?


Bespoke analytics can save you time

And as anyone in business will tell you: time is money. With a quicker report turnover, there’s no need to spend hours digging through data, pivoting tables and getting lost in formulae when a bespoke analytics system can help to do the time consuming part. For example, if your business has both important online and offline data, integrating these aspects into one easy-to-manage view can help you to analyse your information in new ways. This can allow you to make observations you may never even considered before, helping you to come to a decision or change that’ll help your business to grow.


Drill down to your individual department goals

It’s easy to forget that different departments have different goals. What defines a success for one person may not be the same for another, and having custom analytics can allow different areas of your business to drill down to the important areas they need specifically. This will allow them to monitor and measure their successes at granular levels allowing for the development and growth of departmental KPIs.


Presentable and flexible data

One of the benefits of having bespoke analytics allows you to have presentable visual data. This is certainly an important aspect when it comes to making a case for a business decision that you believe will help promote growth to your superiors. Presenting well thought out and easy to interpret reports tell a story around your customer’s behaviour, allowing decisions to be made swiftly and confidently.


So much can be done with custom analytics. If you feel that your business could benefit from bespoke data scraping tools, we can help you to realise the potential and power behind your data. Just get in contact with us today for a chat and take the next step into business growth.