What’s So Good About The Oculus Quest?

There’s an awful lot of talk about virtual and augmented reality these days… we really do live in exciting times, particularly so for businesses looking to make their mark and impress their customers each and every day. There’s so much technology out there that you can leverage to your own advantage that it’s a lot of fun running a business – you get to play with all sorts of new toys on a regular basis!

And the very latest new toy is just about to come out that could make a real difference to how you interact and engage with your customers. We’re talking about the Oculus Quest, of course, the first all-in-one gaming system that’s been built specifically for virtual reality (VR), allowing people to play basically wherever they want with just their virtual reality headset and controllers.

All you need to do is set up the device using the Oculus mobile app and then explore VR with no further hassle whatsoever. And then all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy! Insight tracking reflects your movements in VR, while the controllers serve as your hands, mimicking your gestures and interactions precisely – meaning that every game you play is so real you can reach out and touch it.

The reviews of the headset are now flooding in so have a read of a few to see what you think and if it’s something that could be worth you investing in. Techradar notes that while the freedom of being hands-free is a good move, it does come as a cost and Quest is less powerful than the Oculus Rift, apparently, requiring an Nvidia 960 GPU or better in order to run.

“The idea of a tetherless headset might sound scary at first – especially if you’ve come to use the wire as a sort of safety line that lets you know you haven’t drifted too far away from the safe play space you’ve carved out for yourself. But don’t worry, the chaperone system is still alive and well in the standalone headset and it will prevent you from, say, walking into the street during a game of Superhot VR,” the news source observed.

So just how can businesses go about benefiting from using VR in the workplace and beyond? Now that mainstream VR headsets are more affordable, brands are sure to start prioritising this in the near future and it should certainly be interesting to see just what companies start doing in this regard.

Any process conducted in the real world can be carried out in VR, from customer service to finance and production, so it’s just about sitting down to think how you could best use it to your own advantage.

From a customer perspective, VR allows you to showcase products and services in a new way. For example, you can give your customers a headset and they’ll find themselves in a virtual showroom, able to interact with sales assistants. Or they could try out new cars or furniture without even leaving the house. The possibilities really are endless!

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