Google Names The Companies Making A Success Of Apps

There are many reasons for companies to release apps to their customers, from giving users another way to input data to having an easier portal to buy online. Whatever the reason to produce an app, it is clear that some businesses are very successful in this field.

Here are a few of the companies that have used bespoke software consultants to tailor-make the most popular apps for Android phones, according to technology giant Google.


– For language lovers – Drops

Taking prime position with first place is language app, Drops. This enables users to learn a different language in a quick and easy way, right from their phone.

It uses illustrations and micro-games to make the process efficient and simple, so people can pick up a foreign tongue while they are on the go. The convenience, and accessibility, of the app means it is far more commonly used than language phrase books or dictionaries these days, while its functionality sets it apart from other language apps out there.

A spokesperson for Google told the Evening Standard: “This is the app that we found ourselves returning to sharing with friends all year. Beautifully designed and universally useful, it’s our Best App of 2018.”

So, if you plan on picking up another language next year, Drops could be the app you download.


– Have a chat with Reddit

The makers of Reddit are reaping the rewards of their creation as we speak, with this app being named the user’s choice for 2018.

The social media facility is different from the others out there, as it enables members to share their opinions on pretty much anything – from relationships to favourite books and even politics.

“You can join any community you find interesting, get your news, ask for advice, discuss sports and voice your opinion,” according to Reddit.

With more than 100,000 people already using the social network, it is no surprise that it was given the prestigious title by Google this year.


– Get fit with Keep – Home Workout Trainer 

If your New Year’s Resolution for 2019 is to get fit (as it is for many people), then those behind Keep – Home Workout Trainer have created the perfect product for you.

This was named by Google as one of the best self-improvement apps of the year, aimed at people who want to boost their fitness and activity levels without a gym membership.

It provides a selection of workouts, together with instructions on how to improve your fitness plan, and enables you to track your progress.

There are more than 400 exercises and 100 workouts, which have been designed by fitness experts. In addition to this, training plans can be personalised to the user, depending on their fitness abilities.

It is a fail-proof app, enabling ordinary people to lose weight, improve their muscle tone and get healthier, as they can do it anywhere and at anytime. That is why the fitness experts behind Keep knew this app was a great way to target their clientele and give them what they need in the form of technology they are likely to use most.