The Internet Of Things Now Extends To… Shoes!

We’re all for technological innovation here at Leeds software consultants Smashed Crab and we love how the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has helped to make our lives easier in all sorts of interesting and varied ways.

But is there such a thing as taking it all a bit too far? Could we soon become completely useless entities, unable to do anything for ourselves unless we’ve got our smartphone held tightly in our clutches?

Well, that might be a bit on the melodramatic side but given that global brand Nike has just launched its very first pair of self-lacing trainers which are able to fit themselves to the shape of your feet and which are controlled by your smartphone, it’s perhaps not a completely ridiculous question to ask.

Nike Adapt, as the trainers have been dubbed, will set you back a cool $350 so we’re not overly worried that the human population will no longer have to know how to tie their shoes up – and it’s certainly interesting to see what can be achieved using the IoT.

According to the BBC, the fit of the shoe can be customised and controlled through a smartphone app, storing your fit preferences as you go. The trainer itself has been designed with the game of basketball in mind and the app can input different fit settings so the shoe fit can be altered depending on the nature of play, loosening up for a timeout or tightening up as the player heads back onto the court.

“Whether a shoe that removes the needs for laces is necessary is definitely up for debate. I vividly remember back in 2012 when Nike launched a smart shoe designed for runners to record a host of different metrics. That didn’t really stand the test of time and quietly disappeared.

“Nike says it’s going to roll this technology out to other shoes in its range and that’s where I think it could go from gimmick to actually being useful. Runners, for instance, need to make sure their shoes are well laced-up before going out for a run or a race,” editor of wearable tech site Wareable Michael Sawh was quoted by the news source as saying.

Smart footwear does look like it’s going to be increasingly big news over the coming months and years, so keep an eye on the market to see what goes on. It should certainly be interesting!

You can already buy smart insoles that can profile your feet and the characteristics of your stride, as well as measuring and improving performance through gait analysis to conserve more energy. So who knows what the future holds when it comes to our feet and the IoT… we’re excited to find out, that’s for sure