Facial Recognition Software… And Pigs?!

The use of facial recognition software is becoming ever more commonplace, with businesses of all kinds turning to it to help increase security and reassure their customers that they’re doing all they can to protect their identities and their personal information.

But now it seems that there’s a rather unusual application for this kind of software, being used by farmers to help protect the health and wellbeing of the animals in their care.

Scotland’s Rural College has teamed up with machine vision experts at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) to see how this technology can be used to detect different emotional states in pigs. The hope is that this will result in a tool that can monitor animals’ faces, alerting farmers to any potential health and welfare problems.

Scientists have been capturing 3D and 2D facial images of breeding sows in various situations that could result in different emotional states. These images are then processed at UWE Bristol’s Centre for Machine Vision where techniques are now being developed to identify different emotions conveyed by facial expressions.

So that’s pigs… but what benefits could facial recognition technology and software have for businesses?

There are all sorts of ways you could use apps of this kind, whether it’s targeted advertising so you can choose to promote various adverts based on the age and gender of the person in question, or whether you want to improve security at work.

Where security is concerned, you can use it to help reduce incidents of fraud by using software to make face ID a requirement for document access, for example. You can also use it for payment gateways to prevent password misuse – which will certainly reassure your customers when it comes to buying goods from your online shop.

Any business that puts on a lot of events throughout the year might also find it helpful in the running of an efficient and welcoming exposition. Visitors can use this kind of technology to confirm their identity, so they no longer need to provide registration details or mess around with e-tickets and similar. All they need to do is show up!

Or, if you’re especially paranoid, you could take a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s book and use the software to help identify stalkers! According to Rolling Stone, a facial recognition camera was installed at a kiosk at a recent show, with the images then cross referenced with a database of the star’s known stalkers… so as you can see, there are all sorts of ways you could make excellent use of facial recognition software these days!

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