Food Delivery Apps Rising In Popularity In Asia

There is an app for everything these days – from social networking sites that encourage us to interact and engage with each other to meditative programmes that enable us to have some ‘time out’.

Most of us fill our smart phones or tablets with our favourite apps, enjoying communicating, booking and making arrangements at much faster speeds and in much simpler ways than we could if we were to use the brand’s website.

One type of application that has become so popular the world over is for food delivery, with many of us enjoying the ability to order a takeaway from the comfort of our home without even having to lift up the phone.

That is why it is not surprising recent research has found as much as 69 per cent of Singaporeans are so keen on their food delivery apps, they use them at least once a month, Business Insider reported.

Food delivery service Deliveroo released a survey of 500 respondents from Singapore earlier this week, reporting that more than half (53 per cent) have begun to use the apps more often in the last two years.

The findings also found they were more popular among people in their thirties, with 47 per cent of those in this age group likely to order food through these devices more than three times a month.

So popular are the apps that 76 per cent of consumers in Singapore said they preferred ordering food than home cooked meals or taking food home themselves.

The most popular reason for using food delivery apps is, unsurprisingly, the convenience of doing so, with 73 per cent ordering food through them for this reason.

This, the report found, is more important than saving time compared with cooking or buying food and taking advantage of promotional codes or other forms of discounts.

Having said that, Deliveroo noted the importance of offering these deals, as these were integral in determining which food ordering service the consumers chose.

In addition to more people using these apps over the last few years, they also seem to be spending more money. The study reported that 60 per cent of Singapore consumers now spend more on food delivery apps since 2017. It found nearly seven out of ten are now forking out 25 per cent more than they did two years ago.

Of course, it is not just food apps that have grown in popularity recently. As people become more and more familiar with using their handheld device to monitor and manage most parts of their lives, they are downloading an increasing number of apps to help them do this.

According to figures from Statista, 178.1 billion mobile app downloads took place in 2017. However, this figure is expected to soar to 258.2 billion by 2022.

By the end of the third quarter of 2018, there were 2.1 million apps available in Google Play and two million from Apple App Store, showing the huge selection consumers have to choose from these days.

With so many options available, it is a difficult market to break into for businesses. That is why software consultants in Hull can help come up with the most attractive and engaging app for your company that is likely to be successful in this competitive environment.