It’s All About Game Play In The UK Right Now!

There’s never been a better time to talk to your Leeds bespoke software company about the advantages of coming up with your own branded video game than right now. Why so? Because the industry in the UK is booming right now and is, according to Venture Beat, famed for the number of start-ups entering the gaming scene at the moment.

For brands, there’s really no better platform than game play for the promotion of interaction and retention. Just think about it – experiences can be created and designed to deliver brand messages and get your audience hooked immediately, with your name running right through the very fabric of the gaming experience.

Both 3D and 2D games can be created for the entertainment of your customers, of course, but you can also use them for elearning and marketing, so your investment could yield all sorts of positive returns that you might not have thought about before.

Venture Beat has compiled a few stats from various quarters that could help you see just how valuable game development could be for you and your company. For example, last year, games made up more than half of the UK’s entertainment market, outselling both video and music combined for the first time ever.

And TIGA analysis shows that the video game sector in this country is in fact the biggest in Europe, contributing over $1.96 billion towards our GDP in 2017.

What you really don’t want to do is be left behind, so have a look to see if your competitors are already making inroads in this regard If the answer yes, then you really should think about jumping on this particularly lucrative bandwagon over the next few months.

The news source went on to note that the UK games development sector spends an average of 20 per cent of turnover on research and development, so you can expect to see all sorts of innovation this year and well into the future.

Last month (March) saw the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) take place in San Francisco, the biggest and longest-running event for professionals dedicated to the art of making games.

In all, 29,000 industry professionals arrived for the week-long event, smashing the record attendance set in 2018 – so as you can see, game play and development is fast becoming of serious interest on a global scale… and it’s time for you and your brand to start looking into this as well.

But where to start? The indie game scene came up trumps at GDC, with all sorts of showcases for cutting-edge titles, so this could be a good place to begin. And murder mystery Return of the Obra Dinn won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, so it might be worth checking this title out for a few ideas as to what could be achieved.

And it would certainly be worth having a look at Sony Santa Monica’s God of War, which won the prize for Game of the Year.

“This year, we concluded GDC with eyes wide open for the challenges and potential for the future of games. We’re even more in awe of the hard work it takes to create compelling games and appreciative of the connections made here to facilitate better games and better work environments to come,” general manager of the GDC Katie Stern said.


Trends to look out for

Something to really consider trying to cash in on in 2019 is mobile gaming, which is huge in China at the moment so it’s really only a matter of time before the west starts making waves in this regard as well.

And it’s already happening in some quarters, like over at Blizzard which recently announced that the next instalment of Diablo would be on mobile devices. According to Android Police, Diablo Immortal (as it has been dubbed) will be coming to a smartphone near you soon, so gamers should expect a different set of controls but ones that feel intuitive, fun and completely natural.

Augmented reality is also going to continue making waves this year and beyond. Do you remember the furore that surrounded Pokemon GO when it first came to the fore a few years ago?

Well, stats from Super Data Research shows that more people played this particular game in May last year than at any point since it was launched in 2016… so this could well be the way to go with game development if that’s what you’re keen to prioritise in 2019.

What’s great about these kinds of games is that they require relatively little effort to make money from mobile gaming fans, who might not be able to access PCs and consoles, so your return on investment can be quite high if done right.

And then there’s blockchain-based games, which could be of interest to you and your brand. Take a look at CryptoKitties for a few ideas as to how you could go about this. Basically, users are able to breed and trade digital cats, which sounds incredibly simple but it seems that such games have huge appeal.

Speaking to Fortune, CEO of start-up Dapper Labs Roham Gharegozlou said: “Games are the way you understand how to use new tools. Solitaire taught drag and click. Minesweeper taught right click on a mouse. The original version of Hearts taught networking.”

He went on to explain that the trade in digital cats could put a huge number of people on the blockchain, targeting them by steering clear of crypto-jargo that is often used to extol the virtues of the technology.


How we can help

If you’re intrigued by all of the above and want to find out more about game development, whether it’s just for fun, elearning within your company or for marketing purposes, we can certainly help put you on the map, whatever your end goal is.

We can design and create experiences that will deliver your message and ensure that your audience is hooked at the same time. Where marketing is concerned, remember that gameplay may well be better than any other medium for interaction and retention among users – and you can make even the most complicated service message easier to digest through the process of gamification. Why? Because it’s just so very much fun for the user.

Gamification is simply the process of applying gaming elements to non-game environments. We can easily collect data as part of the user experience, tracking people’s activity on the game and interpreting all this raw data to compile powerful reports to help you really engage with people and get your brand message out there quickly and easily.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that everything we create will work perfectly on all the platforms that your customers use, so you can reach people wherever they are and whatever they’re doing through the magical platform that is the humble smartphone. If you want to find out more about just how achievable all this is, get in touch with us today.