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What Are The Main Challenges And Trends In App Development?

Mobile app development is big business. It’s also essential for many companies to have a mobile app that their customers or staff can use to carry out all manner of activities, whether that’s buying a product or booking a meeting.…


Remote Working And The Software That Makes It Better

The way we work is changing, and now, being out of the office doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be productive, all thanks to your friendly neighbourhood software consultants. Remote working, as it has come to be coined, is a growing…


The Rise of ‘Self-Care’ Analytics Software

If you’re an Apple product user, and especially if that’s an iPhone you’ve got in your pocket, you’ll no doubt have your weekly pop-up informing you of your ‘screen time’, we wonder which software consultants came up with that idea?…


New Laws On The Way For Connected Devices

Nobody wants to fall victim to a cyber attack but all too often, businesses and consumers alike are a little bit too blase about online security, wouldn’t you agree? Think about it – how often have you ignored a software…


It’s All About Game Play In The UK Right Now!

There’s never been a better time to talk to your Leeds bespoke software company about the advantages of coming up with your own branded video game than right now. Why so? Because the industry in the UK is booming right…


Could Business Intelligence Boost Your Sales?

It seems the answer to that question is yes, if new research is anything to go by.  The Tech Impact ‘19 Report by IQBlade recently revealed that introducing business intelligence to a firm results in a 24 per cent increase…


Food Delivery Apps Rising In Popularity In Asia

There is an app for everything these days – from social networking sites that encourage us to interact and engage with each other to meditative programmes that enable us to have some ‘time out’. Most of us fill our smart…


How To Know If Your Business Has The Right Software

With so many software options out there, it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for your business. Once you’ve picked one, don’t feel like you’re stuck with it if it’s not meeting your needs. A…


Facial Recognition Software… And Pigs?!

The use of facial recognition software is becoming ever more commonplace, with businesses of all kinds turning to it to help increase security and reassure their customers that they’re doing all they can to protect their identities and their personal…


Here Is Why Instagram Is Good For Brands

It’s all about technology and digitalisation for businesses these days and if you ignore this, you’ll find yourself left behind in your competitors’ dust. But because of the sheer amount of choice out there, especially where social media platforms are…

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