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Tips To Create An App People Will Love To Use

You can’t escape the fact that we’re using our mobile phones for more and more things. They’ve become a staple part of modern life, and that means you need to keep up by offering certain functionality via apps. However, creating…


First Smart Factory 5G Trials Now Taking Place!

5G… the rollout that we’ve all been waiting for appears to be gathering a bit of momentum now and before we know it, we should all able to take advantage of this, the fifth generation mobile network (hence the 5G…


How To Decide If Bespoke Software Is Right For Your Business

There are very few, if any, businesses that can operate nowadays without software of some kind. As a company, the challenge can often be to decide whether to use an off-the-shelf software solution, or to create your own. It can…


An Impressive £44 Million GDPR Fine For Google!

GDPR has been a reality for businesses for a fair few months now and we hope you’re all being as compliant as you possibly can be where personal data is concerned… particularly when you think that not even the biggest…


The Importance Of Voice Interface In Web Design

If you’re planning to overhaul your website in 2019 there are a number of things you need to consider beyond the design of your site, although this is, of course, important. One of them is how your site will work…


The Internet Of Things Now Extends To… Shoes!

We’re all for technological innovation here at Leeds software consultants Smashed Crab and we love how the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has helped to make our lives easier in all sorts of interesting and varied ways. But…


Why It’s Time For Retailers To Embrace Tech

It’s no secret that high street retailers are struggling. Shopping habits are changing and stores are scrambling to keep up. For businesses that have always provided a face-to-face service, it can be difficult to successfully make the leap into the…


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App?

This is a question we’re willing to bet most software developers are asked multiple times a week. And it’s one that we can understand businesses wanting to know the answer to. However, the answer is often ‘how long is a…


81% Of Legal Depts Unprepared For Digitalisation

More and more businesses are employing software consultants to update their systems to deal with the rapid rate of technology growth. However, according to recent findings, corporate legal departments are not keeping up to date with developments, as 81 per…


Top Considerations When Developing Business Software

If you’re planning to develop bespoke software for use within the business, rather than software that’s consumer facing, there are some important points to bear in mind. It’s certainly worth getting help with bespoke software in Yorkshire, or wherever you’re…

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