Discover your organisation with Business Intelligence

You know what they say - knowledge is power, and like many businesses, you’ll have a wealth of information at your finger tips. You may handle large amounts of data on a daily basis, but unearthing the potential of that data could help you make better decisions in the future. Smashed Crab Studio helps you to track your data and make it accessible to all parties concerned by giving you clear, concise visuals and reports so that your next move is well informed.

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What are the benefits of business intelligence?



Imagine being able to actually see not only where your business is succeeding, but also a gap analysis of where your business is failing to reach its full potential. Our visuals and reports will highlight growth areas to inform your next move.

Knowing when to implement cloud technology

Our experience in this field will help you identify opportunities to future-proof your business so that you can gain the advantage over your competitors. We provide the method to your madness, giving you the metrics to back up your keen instincts.


Smashed Crab Business Intelligence

At Smashed Crab Studio we create data tools to your own personal specification. Not only do our bespoke analytics tools allow you to combine online and offline services, but all your data is accountable and available to you. Rather than wasting business hours manually evaluating data, our software takes the strain, easily building custom reports using simple data management systems.

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