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The Rise of ‘Self-Care’ Analytics Software

If you’re an Apple product user, and especially if that’s an iPhone you’ve got in your pocket, you’ll no doubt have your weekly pop-up informing you of your ‘screen time’, we wonder which software consultants came up with that idea?…


UK Businesses Could Boost Economy By £85bn Through Digitalisation

There are many benefits to becoming more tech-savvy if you are a business owner, but perhaps none more appealing than unlocking the potential to make more money. This is exactly what the latest Lloyds Bank Business and Charity Index suggests…


How Can You Use Blockchain To Your Advantage?

No doubt you’ve all come across the term ‘blockchain’ by now, a global cryptocurrency that allows you to make completely secure financial transactions online without the need to worry. This is obviously beneficial for companies selling on the internet as…


The Benefits of Bespoke Analytics

When it comes to making business decisions, any company will tell you that having the right analytics and data is integral to the decision making process. Every business has their own unique strategy and from this stems unique data from…