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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App?

This is a question we’re willing to bet most software developers are asked multiple times a week. And it’s one that we can understand businesses wanting to know the answer to. However, the answer is often ‘how long is a…


Could £15bn Be Spent On Retail Apps This Black Friday?

There are several benefits to using software consulting companies to design your company its own app, and one of these is to take advantage of e-commerce functions. Apps can perform a number of jobs for businesses these days – from…


Mobile App Data In The Days Of GDPR

As useful (and, indeed, necessary) as mobile apps are for businesses these days looking to promote customer retention and enjoy insightful analytics based on user behaviour, you’d better just have a quick check to see what data is being shared…


5 Mobile App Trends Coming In 2018

The mobile app landscape is ever evolving and, in many respects, the pace of change is only accelerating. We now live in a world of 2.3 billion smartphones, in which mobile devices act as a digital hub for the large…