What is the Cloud?

The simplest way to think about the benefits of cloud applications by pitching Microsoft Word against Google Docs. We won’t get into a debate about functionality, but just think about the benefits of the cloud application - in this case, Google Docs. It’s instantly accessible to every user without downloading software, it’s collaborative, and it stores its own files. You too could leverage the power of top cloud providers to create scalable applications for any component of your business.

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With so much talk about data being in ‘the cloud’, you’d be forgiven for thinking of it as some unattainable place where information is sent. The reality is that it refers to a network of servers that takes the weight off your local set up. Imagine it like taking a whole garage load of your belongings and rehoming them in a self storage unit. What was once a heaving pile of assets, gathering dust and bursting at the seams, can now be accessed and added to with ease.

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Can cloud applications help my business save time and money?

Wherever possible, having your business in the cloud is the logical step forward when it comes to cutting costs and saving space. Physical servers that hold your company’s data on-site mean there less options for disaster recovery whilst the systems inevitably degrade over time. How many times have you been caught out by a loss of personal data? Think how serious it could be if it happened to your company’s data. We move legacy systems to the cloud for better maintenance, better performance and less downtime - as well as teaching you how to maintain your cloud infrastructure.


How does Smashed Crab Studio use the cloud?

The cloud enables us to build you highly scalable applications, so whether you are a startup company with foreseeable growth, or you are an established business looking to cut back, the cloud can scale accordingly. Use of the cloud allows your applications quick entry into the marketplace and all-important accessibility from any device. Smashed Crab Studio can build cloud applications for you, from development to launch, or you could use our considerable experience to act as advisory consultants..

What's the process?

At Smashed Crab Studio, we always start by assessing your business needs. That way we’re always working to achieve maximum efficiency and progress. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of cloud services and have an understanding of their exceptional versatility. Combined with your knowledge of your industry and our experience, ingenuity, and resources, together we’ll stimulate progression for your business and improve your overall performance.

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