Expert Consultancy

When it comes tech, improving or expanding your setup can have strong implications for your business. To navigate the decisions so that you only get the good results can be tricky without sound advice. That’s where we come in. If your business needs better technical explanation, road mapping for future technological expansions or an improved understanding of legacy systems, see how you could benefit from our expert advice.

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How exactly do Smashed Crab consult?


Software development consultation

What happens when our highly skilled consultancy team get together with your highly skilled development team? We develop a plan of how to use the latest methodologies and implementations to build clean and efficient tools for your business. Sounds good, eh? But what else do we do?

Business process and roadmapping consultation

Here, Smashed Crab Studio will help to evaluate your current business processes in order to modernise any archaic systems and - here’s the best bit - introduce new technologies into your newly imagined business roadmap.

Out with the old...

If your business relies on out-of-date legacy systems, our expert consultancy will look for ways to create efficiency and implement methodologies that will save your business time and money.


Smashed Crab's consultancy helps your business

At Smashed Crab Studio, we have a variety of skills which we can tailor to your needs. We are available on a day-to-day basis for on-site consultation. We’ll leave with your team feeling like they understand how to become more productive and efficient. What happens post-consultation? We’ll provide after-care for your teams, should you want it, in the form of up-to-date documentation, written at the same level of understanding.

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