Your message + our Game Development = Serious ROI

If you’re looking for a bright, interactive, compelling way to get across your sales message - or that of your clients - games marketing could be just the thing to help your business level up. Gameplay rivals, and arguably beats any other medium for interaction and retention with its users. The most complicated service message can be made much easier to swallow when it’s undergone the process of gamification i.e. made way more super fun.

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Why do you need gamification?

If you’re the marketing agency that’s been tasked with helping the public health body reduce sugar intake in under-12 year olds, how do you go about it? That’s a super specific example, but it’s the kind of brief we love getting. Simply, the tougher the message, the drier the subject, the greater the impact of games marketing.

What is gamification, anyway?

Gamification is the process of applying gaming elements to non-game environments. Take a company’s on-boarding process; it’s not a game itself, but if every new member of staff had to play the game and complete the levels to pass their induction, you’ve got an engaging way of ensuring your key messages were delivered in a fun, but structured way.

They play. You learn.

As marketers, you’ll be delighted to know users are interacting with your message, but we know what you really love is data and insight. What if we were to tell you that we could collect users’ data as part of their experience - with their consent of course - and track their activity on the game. Not just that, but we could help you interpret the raw info with powerful reports.

Compatible with every platform.

Not everyone reads the paper. Not everyone listens to the radio. But more people in the world own a smartphone than a toothbrush. Wouldn’t it be good to be part of that lion’s share? We help your marketing message occupy that mobile space, and everything we create works on the platforms your customers use.


Entering the virtual world

Of course, the latest thing in games development is virtual reality, and even though it’s still in its infancy, we already have a wealth of experience in bringing VR environments to fruition for our clients. Let’s discuss your brief and see if games, or VR could get that ROI you’re looking for.