Mobile Development - Your business in their pockets

Not PC or paper, billboard or bricks-and-mortar can compete with having your business represented on people’s mobile phones. In a world where more people own a smartphone than a toothbrush, app development couldn’t be more important. Simply having an app isn’t the answer though; at Smashed Crab Studio, we make your business an essential part of your user’s day.

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How Smashed Crab does mobile applications

Smashed Crab Studio are with you right from the early concept stages. We help to build and deploy apps onto mobile operating systems. While this is done absolutely to your specification - you’re the boss - we’re also here to advise and analyse development to optimise the UI and UX journey. That’s User Interface, and User Experience - so how the app looks, and how easy and funky it is to use.

Not to toot our own trumpet, but we have a wealth of knowledge across multiple frameworks and tools for developing mobile applications, meaning we have the skills to bring your brand to both mobile users and, get this - wearable devices too.

It’s not just about the build. Smashed Crab Studio take responsibility for deployment and maintenance of your app going forward. We’ll learn from the app’s analytical data too, and with those findings, together we can identify growth for your company’s revenue streams.


Things to consider when building an app

There are loads of facets to mobile application development. These range from UI structure to UX optimisation (that’s getting it looking great and super intuitive to use) or the more technical aspects like hardware capabilities. Don’t let this daunt you though; just as we have done with other businesses who realise the advantages of mobile applications, we’ll help you every step of the way, from concept to completion.

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