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Virtual reality has become an actual reality across marketing, training, recruitment, sales and every other aspect of business where you want to invite users to experience your services in the most immersive way. But how do you become part of this new dimension? Smashed Crab Studio creates bespoke virtual reality applications, specialising in mobile development for all industries. We can help you to improve and impress through unforgettable experiences.

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How could virtual reality be used in my business?

Virtual Reality, or VR, has an incredible variety of applications that can be utilised across many industry sectors. Ever had people say, “you have to see it to believe it”, or “it’s hard to explain unless you’re there”. These lofty visions become attainable with the use of Virtual Reality. It has already begun to establish itself in prominent fields such as healthcare, in the form of surgery simulations; and health and safety, as disaster training.


Virtual reality gaming

Gaming is an industry in which VR has been embraced and has become increasingly popular. Engagement reaches new heights when you’re able to create and manipulate virtual environments that are accessible to thousands of users via mobile technology.

Virtual reality as a marketing tool

VR is a dynamic marketing tool that has been used to create a whole range of immersive experiences; potential holidaymakers have been transported to distant destinations and tennis-fans-without-a-ticket have experienced the thrill of Wimbledon. Its ability to consume the user’s senses encourages reactions that really hit home your marketing message.

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